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Partners in Development

Culture of Development
‘A Rising Tide Lifts All Boats’

The Partners in Development is a collaborative and educational platform where motivated and progressive clubs, directors and coaches from throughout Greater Houston can begin to work more closely together with the focus on coach education and player and club development. The Partners In Development Program is free and open for all motivated coaches and clubs.

The main objective of the program is to help local Houston soccer organizations continue to develop, with a special focus in the Grassroots (U8, U9, U10) and Foundation (U11, U12) ages.

These monthly programs consist of coming together to learn and share ideas at the Houston Sports Park (HSP), the BBVA Stadium, and other various Partners in Development locations, creating a unique and dynamic network for coach education, club collaboration, mentorship, and learning opportunities.

You can find more information on our upcoming Partners in Development event schedule by using the tabs at the top of this page.

For information as to how your youth soccer organization can join us, please contact Paul Holocher, Academy Director ( and Justin Neese, Youth Programs Director (

Houston is an absolutely amazing, vibrant and diverse city. There are so many fantastic soccer organizations throughout greater Houston that are doing terrific things for our youth of all ages and abilities. The goal of the Partners in Development program is to be a positive influence and resource for all our soccer community to continue to learn, grow, and develop together for the good of our game.

Our collaborative efforts to help develop our players to their next levels is so important. A big part of this is continuing education as clubs and coaches towards a strong vision for player development. It is worthwhile to take example and inspiration from other nations around the world, most recently countries like Croatia or Belgium from the last World Cup. Coach education, at every level, grassroots to professional, became an important priority to these countries and with time, consistency of message, and commitment, these countries have all realized many positive results.

Our efforts at the youngest ages, the grassroots, are of special importance.  As leaders in the soccer community, we have a responsibility to inspire our youngest players to play the game in a skillful and intelligent way.  We can also inspire the many young parents who have kids playing soccer already to realize how to positively impact their child’s development.  The Partners in Development program is going to be a fun and engaging program as we will look take deep dives into many interesting topics as they relate to clubs, coach and player development.  Some soccer clubs are bigger and some are smaller independents clubs, but what is most important is that we work together as partners in development.

Paul Holocher
Academy Director, Houston Dynamo